About Us
Ningbo Qixin Solar Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development and use of solar energy resources with a combination of various solar energy technology and professional staff. The company uses advanced international machine, strict quality control process and complete production process and produces all kinds of models and specification of mono-crystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar energy components and its quality conforms to the standard completely. The company also use core material solar energy components from own production to produce other particular application products and projects.

Ningbo Qixin Solar Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development, research and promotion of solar energy battery components and solar energy power system since establishment. Products are widely sold into all over cities in China and districts in Europe and America and the company has formed tremendous customer groups and network and has established extensive market customer platform.

The company has made continuous efforts for exploration and innovation to supply customers safe, well developed and advanced products based on the precondition of using science to create fortune and using product to service markets by cooperation with many solar energy component companies and a combination of many energy and self-controlled experts.

The company mainly produced QXA series small battery plate packed in epoxy resin, QXC series glass laminated big component and QXD series solar energy power system.

With the utilization of solar energy and product development, the solar energy, as green resource that is exhaustless will walk into many families and will create more brilliant future for human being.


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